While most people go into Walmart to buy things they need, one man, 24-year-old Andrew Brooks Handley, went into a busy Florida location with one intention and one intention only – to commit rape. Handley desperately tried to rape a random woman in the aisle of the busy Florida Walmart while other customers dragged him away from his intended victim. Now he is being charged with attempted rape, which occurred at the Plantation location at 8:30 am on Saturday.

Handley attacked the woman while she was browsing the aisles of the Walmart location, minding her own business. He came out of nowhere with the intent to assault her when other shoppers helped rescue her from the intended crime. Before he lunged at her, he started whispering things to her. Soon after that, he threw the woman to the ground and pinned her down. He was intent on making her a victim of his crime.

The woman told the police what happened. Handley was trying to rape her. She believed because he was forcing her legs apart with his knees.

Fortunately, Walmart employees responded quickly. They called 911 and reported the attack as soon as they heard the woman screaming for help. Other shoppers rushed to the aisle and desperately tried to pry Handley from the woman he intended to rape.

The other shoppers kept Handley away from the victim while they waited for officers to arrive at the scene and pick up the situation. The police took Handley away and arrested him. He confessed that his “sexual urges” got the best of him and that he could not control himself when he saw the victim holding a bottle of syrup.

Handley confessed to the responding officers that he was just “trying to clean his pipes” and “get something sweet” while at the Plantation Walmart location.

Police indicate that Handley might be somewhat mentally deranged. He allegedly told cops that he was able to control the victim’s mind and get her to have sex with him with his willpower alone.

He has been charged with attempted sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Handley remains behind bars because he has not posted the $60,000 bond required to free him to the streets of Plantation, Florida. The people of the city are glad that he remains behind bars until his trial as the attack, which was on a random woman, could have been on any victim in the city or shopper at the Walmart. Thankfully, his rape attempt was thwarted before he was able to inflict harm on the innocent woman.

Readers on Daily Mail left dozens of comments, including the following:

“He became aroused ‘after seeing the woman with a bottle of syrup.’ Oh brother, lock him up and throw away the key.”

“Never release this animal. If he can do this in public, just imagine what he is capable of in private.”

Other people took cracks at Walmart for housing the incident.

“Nothing good ever happens at Walmart.”

What do you think about this crime at the Plantation Walmart?

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