When an American Airlines flight attendant asked a passenger to keep his mask on, the enraged traveler scrawled a hateful note on a scrap of paper and handed it over. In the note, which was filled with profanity, the passenger told the flight attendant, “You are nothing but a glorified maid” and then proceeded to insult her and call her a “mask Nazi” for enforcing the airline’s mask policy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, American Airlines has come to the defense of the flight attendant by imposing a permanent ban on the passenger. Because the airline requires all passengers over the age of two to wear masks, they were not going to sit idly by and allow the passenger aboard the September 3 flight to insult their employee for following the safety protocol.

The passenger wrote the note on a piece of paper that had the word “Waste” printed in the center. The note said:

“You mean s*** life. You are nothing but a glorified maid who needs to jump down off her high horse and learn how to speak to people. Nobody cares about your stupid seat policies or your nose issues. We pay your salary, and your attitude is unnecessary.”

The passenger continued, “The very fact that we have to listen & kowtow to a nobody who does **** except collect our trash and serve crappy food (that) makes me absolutely ill. You are a mask Nazi and a four-eyed ****, and if it wasn’t for this job, you would be clearing motel rooms for two-dollar tips and meth.

“I made sure to write this on a bag labeled as to what I think your life actually is… a waste.”

The hateful passenger then signed the note with “warm regards” from “a person who hates your guts.”

The female passenger did not sign the note with her name.

American Airlines has confirmed that this incident was real and that they are investigating the incident in full. Airline spokesman Curtis Blessing told McClatchy News that the passenger had been banned from travel aboard any American Airlines flight.

“Our flight attendants are professionals who play a critical role in ensuring the health and safety of our passengers, and we will not tolerate mistreatment of them,” he said.

Readers of Daily Mail online shared hundreds of comments about the insulting note. Here are a few that were rated highly from readers across the globe.

“If you want to get from point A to point B, sit down and moo with the rest of us. If you do anything else, it’s all on you.”

“So the person writhing this note tells her (the flight attendant) needs to learn how to speak to people? RIGHT.”

“I’ve heard the same thing from arrogant airline passengers. Those are the people who can save your life if you ever need the defibrillator.”

“The writer obviously thinks she is superior to anyone else and lacks empathy and, in turn, thinks she has some natural immunity to COVID-19.”

What do you think about this person’s reluctance to follow the rules during the pandemic?

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