If kids love one thing, it is their desserts. That’s why one mother decided to do something unique to give her children the best of both worlds. Not only was she able to come up with a recipe for brownies that her children absolutely adore – she infused them with kidney beans as the main ingredient, which gave the brownies tons of protein and dietary fiber that are good for growing kids and adults alike.

The recipe is very simple. It requires a can of kidney beans, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and honey to create the batter. This mix is then placed into a cake pan to create the final brownie. However, she did not put the brownies in the oven to bake. Instead, she used her slow cooker to turn the can of kidney beans into a dessert item that her children absolutely adored.

The slow cooker was used for two hours to transform the beans into the dessert item. After that, she just let it cool down and then served it up to her beloved children. Now, this mom was serving brownies – which made her look good in her children’s eyes – and was giving them healthy food, which was good to do as a mother.

The mother said, “It’s wheat-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free yet tastes like a brownie.”

She shared the results on her Facebook page, which was met with a happy surprise.

People shared their responses and how eager they were to try it.

“Yum. I’ve done this in the oven, and it is amazing… Will try this version,” one person wrote.

“This is a must-try,” another person said.

“I’m so going to try this.”

Another said: “I normally make a variation of this in the oven. Awesome there’s a slow cooker version! Going to try it.”

The recipe for the kidney bean brownies is quite simple.


  • One can of kidney beans
  • Five eggs
  • One teaspoon vanilla extract
  • One teaspoon of baking powder
  • One-half cup of cocoa powder
  • Six tablespoons of coconut oil
  • One-half cup of honey (or sweetener of choice)

The recipe is simple. Just blend everything together. Then put the mixture into a cake pan. You can add this to your slow cooker and cook on high for two hours. When you’re done, put some water on the bottom and place a tea towel on top of it to secure moisture before it is cool enough to serve to your delighted children.

Daily Mail users were skeptical about this “healthy” version of a brownie.

“People don’t realize that it’s not fat that is unhealthy but that SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES are the cause of weight gain, insulin resistance, and type two diabetes, to name a few health problems. So kidney beans (carbs) and honey (sugar) means this dry looking cake masquerading as a brownie is not ‘healthy.’”

“I have just baked this cake. It is delicious, but didn’t rise at all, and was sooo oily. Were six tablespoons of coconut oil correct?”

If you try this, let us know how you like it!

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