It’s no secret that McDonald’s doesn’t want you knowing everything that goes on behind the counter. There’s a reason for the fast-food chain’s secrecy – if all the customers knew the truth, many might be turned off from the food for the rest of their lives. However, one McDonald’s employee has turned to the Chinese-created TikTok video app to share a little-known fact about the restaurant chain’s use of onions on their menu items – and once you know the truth, you may think twice about ordering onions on your burgers and cheeseburgers from the McDonald’s location nearest to you.

TikTok user “Macca’s Myths” shared a short video revealing the truth about onions at McDonald’s. They claim that both large sliced onions and dehydrated onions are used to flavor burgers sold at the chain burger joint. The video simply speaks about the truth of how McDonald’s uses two types of onions to satisfy their customers’ taste buds depending on the menu item ordered at the time of purchase.

Although the person behind Macca’s Myths holds down a meager job at a McDonald’s location, they have drummed up a side business speaking about the hidden secrets of the chain restaurant on the TikTok platform. Often, the user shares the knowledge they have gleaned from their time behind the counter at McDonald’s and shares the information with as many people as they can reach on the Chinese-created social media platform.

“At Macca’s, we have two types of onions. Large onions which have been cut up and dehydrated onions,” the employee wrote.

According to the TikTok user, McDonald’s instructs employees to soak the dehydrated onions in a container with a lid overnight. The next morning, the liquid is drained from the container, and the onions are placed into an “onion shaker.” Although the TikTok user did not get into very specific details about which onions are used for what menu items, Daily Mail Australia did confirm that the burger chain uses dehydrated onions for menu items, including the Big Macs, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers. For any other items requiring the use of onions, the restaurant chains use locally-sourced onions from farms near the restaurant’s location.

So, the next time you’re at McDonald’s and considering ordering an onion-topped burger, know that you have a choice of either fresh onions or dehydrated onions – both of which will give your meal that unmistakable McDonald’s flavor. Just be prepared for a bit of a shock when you find out exactly how the onions are used in each burger.

“I way prefer diced onions over slivered,” one person wrote.

Another TikTok user added: “The diced onions taste so good, though.”

“I rehydrate onion flakes for my burgers at home because my kids say it ‘tastes just like McDonald’s!'” a third added.

The employee’s video has caused a stir on the social media platform, with some people being surprised by the hidden secret and others already aware of how McDonald’s uses dehydrated onions in their burgers. What are your thoughts? Will this news stop you from ordering an onion-topped burger from McDonald’s?

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