When an intruder breaks into a home, the residents have no idea what the crook’s intention is. Did the invader break into the home so they could steal their electronics or their stash of cash? Or did the person enter for a depraved reason that would leave all the residents bloodied and dead? For moments like this, nothing compares to the safety that a guard dog can provide to protect a family against the unknown threat of a home intruder.

In Oklahoma City, Tracey McCoy has her Great Dane to thank for keeping her and her family safe when a burglar broke in the home with the intention to pillage the property of all it was worth. Tracey was home with her blind son when the criminal broke in and set about with his evil intentions.

Home security cameras caught the intruder breaking into the home via its side door in broad daylight. The criminals in Oklahoma are very bold and unafraid. And the man walked into the Oklahoma City home “as though he owned the place.”

However, the intruder had his work cut out for him. He probably thought Tracey and her blind son were home alone. He’d overpower the pair and do what he wanted with them when he had them tied up. But little did the crook now, Dubai, the family’s brave 122-pound Great Dane, was also home and ready to protect his family against all evil.

Although Dubai is hardly a typical guard dog, he’s a very docile and relaxed best friend. He was ready and willing to do what he needed to in order to protect Tracey and her blind son. That’s why he went up to the home intruder.

However, Dubai did not react with rage at first. Instead, the Great Dane went up to the burglar and allowed the man to pet and caress him. The crook was probably overjoyed, thinking that Dubai was not going to attack.

But that’s the moment when Tracey realized her home was invaded. She walked into the kitchen and saw the intruder petting her Great Dane. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“I looked up and came face-to-face with a stranger,” she said. Who wouldn’t scream from such a fright?

As soon as Dubai realized that this man was not welcomed in the house, the dog’s entire demeanor changed. He went from standing docilely beside the man to attack him in the most brutal manner Dubai would manage.

Tracey never knew how Dubai would react in a crisis situation, but this proved that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect his family. Dubai lunged at the man and scared him silly, which was exactly what he needed to get a reality check that he is not welcome to walk into every property in Oklahoma City like he owns the place. In this case, Dubai was ready to defend his home to the death.

What do you think about the footage of this dog jumping into the fray?

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