Many professionals that work with moms-to-be and new moms will tell them that breast milk is the best option to feed their babies when they are first born. They have consultants in the maternity wards of hospitals that work solely with new moms learning how to nurse their babies. It is also something that can help premature babies grow and develop in a healthy way so that they do not deal with long-term issues.

One of the problems with this is the way people view breastfeeding in public. It is difficult because babies don’t care where they are when they are ready to eat, they just know that they want to eat. Many people couldn’t care less if a mom was breastfeeding their child in public, but others have strong feelings about it. This was the case at a restaurant in Iowa.

Elizabeth Herzog was out at a local Red Robin in Davenport, Iowa, when her daughter Georgia was ready to eat. Georgia was born two months early so Elizabeth tries to feed her as often as possible so that she can get her weight up to average levels. While she was in this Red Robin, she began to breastfeed her daughter. Just as she began to feed her daughter, the manager came over to her and asked her to cover herself up.

As soon as this happened, Herzog immediately left the establishment. Before walking out the door, she made sure to teach the manager a lesson in the laws of the state of Iowa. The laws of Iowa protect breastfeeding moms in public and say that it is unlawful to discriminate or interfere in the process.

Herzog made sure to let everyone know about what happened, including Red Robin’s corporate office. A spokesperson for the restaurant chain recently released a statement saying that their employees of that location are being re-educated about these laws on breastfeeding. They went on to say that they would be happy to accommodate any breastfeeding mom and her child.

There are people on both sides of this topic. Some think that it is no big deal and others think that they shouldn’t do it in public. It is a natural process and no one should be shamed for feeding their child. Moms are usually very discrete about it and they do it in a tasteful way. Pope Francis, himself, has also taken a stand on the topic. He recently encouraged a group of moms who were visiting the Vatican to breastfeed whenever they needed to, wherever they needed to. Mind you, he made this announcement in the famed Sistine Chapel.

People need to relax and let moms feed their babies. There are some women who wear revealing clothing that show a lot more than what a mom shows while she is breastfeeding. Does anyone ever tell them to cover themselves up? If you think about it on a scientific level, women were given breasts so that they could this for their babies. We are called mammals because of the mammary glands within the female breasts.

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