When Adrianna Rust was asked to the prom, she was delighted. But her high only lasted for a few minutes because she quickly remembered that she had no way of buying a dress for the high school dance. Adrianna was devastated that she had accepted the date but would not be able to go because her family could not afford to shell out the cash to buy or rent a dress for the dance.

However, Adrianna’s date was determined to take her to prom. That’s when he decided he would learn how to sew so he could make Adrianna the prom dress of her dreams from scratch, so she could go to her high school dance and cherish the memory forever.

Adrianna’s date is named Parker Smith. And he went above and beyond what most teenagers would ever do to take a girl to a dance. Smith proved that he was exceptionally motivated to take Adrianna to the dance, so much so that he was willing to sacrifice hours of his time to learn to sew so he could make Adrianna a beautiful dress from scratch.

Although Adrianna was delighted to accept Smith’s prom proposal, she quickly realized that her family, which had recently fallen upon hard times, did not have the cash to shell out to buy her a dress for the dance. The teenage girl was disheartened that she would have to tell Parker Smith that she could no longer accept his invitation to go to the dance. Although Adrianna knew exactly what she wanted for a dress – and even checked all the local thrift stores for a match – she couldn’t get it. It simply costs more than her family could afford.

Adrianna tried to break the bad news to Smith lightly. She joked with him that he could always make her a dress if he really wanted to take her to prom. Because Smith was also Adrianna’s best friend, she felt comfortable joking with him in that way. But he didn’t think her suggestion was funny. In fact, he thought it was utterly brilliant, and he’d get to work making the dress right away.

Although Smith had never sewn before in his life – let alone work with a needle and thread – he was determined to learn so Adrianna could have the night of her life. He started by asking Adrianna to show him the picture of her dream prom dress. She didn’t hesitate. She knew exactly what she was looking for.

Smith sketched out a version of the dress that he thought he could learn to sew. She was delighted to see that his idea matched what she had in mind.

Smith got to work. Although sewing was harder to learn that he thought, he was a fast learner and eventually picked it up. It took him a few tries, and he eventually got the dress put together in a way that worked. Piece by piece, he created the dress from scratch to match the one he had drawn for his best friend, Adrianna Rust.

Smith created the dream dress for Adrianna and was able to take her to prom just like she dreamed.

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