One Utah mom got a bit DIY crazy when she learned that her son needed some dental work. Instead of taking the boy to the dentist or the orthopedic surgeon, she simply went to Walmart, bought a pair of pliers on the clearance rack, and started to do the dirty work of removing her son’s teeth, piece by piece, in the bathroom.

Now the mother faces child abuse charges following the bizarre decision to conduct the dental procedure on her seven-year-old boy. To clarify, she pulled the boy’s teeth out while they still in the Utah Walmart location. She decided to “try before you buy,” and did not even purchase the pliers following the DIY dental work.

The mother is Jeannine Degaston Isom. She strode into the Cedar Hills, Utah Walmart location with a clear purpose. She brought her two sons with her and went right over to the clearance rack to look for a pair of needle-nose pliers. She found some and then grabbed some hand sanitizer.

Isom then forced her 7-year-old son, the younger of the two boys, into the Walmart bathroom where she forced him to remain still as she pried his two upper teeth from his skull. She “didn’t bother” using any anesthetic, claiming that in the good old days when people didn’t need that stuff.

Police wanted to know what was going on, but Isom didn’t even think the police needed to be involved. She claimed her son’s teeth were infected and had to go. And who can afford dental care in America?

When Isom was in the bathroom with the little boy, his older brother heard him crying and screaming from the pain. He went to get a Walmart employee to help protect his little brother. They entered the bathroom and found Isom with a devilish grin on her lips pulling the little boy’s top teeth out with the pliers. As soon as they entered the bathroom, the older boy grabbed his younger brother and fled from the abusive mother.

Later, the little boy was taken to a proper dentist. The dentist told police that the teeth never needed to be pulled. The mother probably just had an urge to hurt her children. The child had simply said that one of his teeth was loose, and the other was only starting to get loose. Nevertheless, Isom took it upon herself to pry the little boy’s teeth from his gums.

The boy’s teeth came out in pieces, not all at once, which indicates their removal was medically unnecessary.

“When (Isom) proceeded to extract them, they didn’t come out in one whole piece. There were multiple pieces. So that illustrates that they were still very attached to this child’s mouth,” the police spokesperson said.

Police declared the incident “child abuse in its purest form.”

Isom was later charged with child abuse. She had a rap sheet that included a previous conviction and arrested for disorderly conduct. She had no prior history of child abuse.

What do you think should become of this mother?

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