Surveillance cameras caught the shocking moment when Eduardo Alves, a Brazilian personal trainer, caught his church-going wife having sex with a homeless man in a car. As soon as Alves realizes that his wife is the one engaging in sexual activity with the vagabond, he flies into a rage and proceeds to attack the hobo. He slams his fists against the window of the vehicle, and then tears open the car door and proceeds to give the homeless man who was sleeping with his Christian wife a beating he won’t soon forget.

After the incident, the wife told a friend that she was sleeping with the homeless man because she had received a “message from God” to “help” the man through sex because he was a rough sleeper. The shocking attack occurred in the early hours of March 10, 2020, in the neighborhood of Jardim Roriz in Brazil’s Federal District.

A report indicates that Alves’s wife and his mother-in-law had left home to team up to help the homeless man. After going through a good deed with the homeless man, Alves’s wife and mother-in-law split apart. At that time, Alves lost contact with his wife because she was no longer answering her phone or returning his text messages.

He managed to follow his wife to her car, which had been parked near a school. As he approached the vehicle, he could not believe his eyes – his wife was having sex with the homeless man she had promised to help.

As Alves beats the homeless man, his wife lies on the ground outside of the car, clearly in a state of distress at having caused such an outrageous scene.

When police arrived to address the situation, Alves claimed that he first thought the homeless man was raping his wife, which was why he gave the man such a brutal beating. It was only later that he learned that his wife was engaging in intercourse with the bum because she had received a message from God to do so with him.

Alves’s wife told the police that she often helps vulnerable people like this homeless man through the church she attends with her mother.

After the assault, the homeless man was brought to a Brazilian hospital, where he was treated for two black eyes and bruises all over his body. Despite being beaten up by a personal trainer who was in tip-top shape, the homeless man is recovering well and is glad he had a short moment in the sun with Alves’s sexy wife.

Currently, no charges have been filed against Alves for brutally attacking the man who was having consensual sex with his wife. Nevertheless, Brazil’s investigative police force, the Civil Police, continues to examine the evidence in this case and may press charges if they seem appropriate to do so.

Do you think this personal trainer should face charges for beating up the homeless man who was having consensual sex with his wife?

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