Toddlers are a handful. Part of the reason they can be so difficult to manage is that they are extremely stubborn. When a toddler gets an idea into his head that he wants to do something, it’s going to take a lot of effort to get that toddler to do something else – or else there is going to be a lot of tears in the process.

That’s why when a family noticed their two-and-a-half-year-old toddler named Isaiah breaking the rules at the Columbus Zoo, they figured they’d just see what happened and film the entire thing in the process. Because little Isaiah was enthralled with the young gorilla in the enclosure, he crawled as close as the large sheet of glass between them would allow. The young gorilla’s name is Kamoli. And what followed was amazing.

The footage shows that Isaiah and the young gorilla having a lot of fun together. They’re caught playing hide and seek as both of their parents watch. You can see the young gorilla’s mother on the tree in the background watching to make sure the baby is safe as it plays with the human in the bright green shirt and coral-colored shorts.

The clip went viral after the Columbus Dispatch shared the video provided by Sherry Chute. The clip not only brought a smile to people’s faces, but it made some people upset given that the boy is free, and the gorilla is all caged up and has to endure prison as its life.

Some people simply shared comments that celebrated the fact that this boy and the baby gorilla were able to have so much fun while at the zoo.

“This put a smile on my face. So heartwarming.”

“What’s so incredible is the gorilla initiated, not the boy. This shows you the intelligence level and that our idea of fun is not unique.”

“I see two kids playing. One got freedom, and one is locked up.”

“We are the real animals we should be in the cage, not them.”

One critic offered a verbose argument against this video.

“HOW CAN PARENTS DO THIS… THINK ABOUT it… We just witnessed us teaching baby humans that THIS is what we do to animals. That THIS is acceptable to do to animals. We MUST think about our unconscious actions. YES, parents want their children to experience everything; however, just because we can, does it mean we should? Is it right to teach a child that it is our RIGHT to imprison animals from their entire lives just so we can have a peek at them for a few minutes about every 5- 10 years? Is that acceptable? Can we HONESTLY look into the eyes of another being that has the EXACT same senses as us(heightened in fact), and the SAME desires for freedom that we do as well and say that our DESIRE, not a need, that our DESIRE is more important than their suffering? This is just one thing we MUST rethink… Just like people are becoming clear about the truths of circuses and aquariums, which are folding, we must ask ourselves these questions about ALL lives behind bars.”

What do you think about the video? Is it just a cute moment, or does it speak to some larger problem?

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