When my daughter opens her gifts on Christmas day, she’s going to be excited. She’ll find a play kitchen and a bunch of other good toys including books and games. But compared to the lavish gifts that the toddler on Billionaire Babies got coming to them for the holiday, my daughter’s gifts are chump change. With $140,000 blue diamonds and $50,000 pearls, these babies of rich parents will not want for anything during the holiday season, and their parents want you to know it.

The television show called Billionaire Babies At Christmas will come on the air on Christmas Eve. People around the world will want to see what these rich kids get from their parents. Besides the gifts we’ve mentioned, some parents dropped tens of thousands of dollars to redecorate their mansion so it could be the perfect holiday grotto for Santa Claus’s visit on Christmas Eve.

One mother on the program did not want to shortchange her 20-month-old daughter, Valentina for Christmas. Although the baby is teething and does not really care about the holiday yet, mom spent about $20,000 to hire the right people to turn their home into a “winter wonderland” that is not only beautiful but environmentally sustainable.

Besides the rich, three-tiered cake, Valentina also received a blue-diamond pendant worth about $140,000.

“It’s all worth it in the end,” her mother said.

Another mother ordered a custom ring for her three-year-old daughter Halai. Besides a rare conch pearl, the 18k rose gold ring features five diamonds and is priced as much as $50,000.

The mother said, “Halai deserves the best. She’s my only daughter. She has many things that a normal child would have, but I want to give her something quite valuable and unique that she will cherish for years to come.”

Although the jewelry is very expensive for a three-year-old, Halai’s mother could care less about the bill.

“I want something really special for Halai. It’s going to be chic and exactly match her personality, sparkly and full of joy. I think Halai is going to have the biggest smile on her face. As will I.”

In another home, Mansfield Town boss Carolyn Radford made sure everything was perfect for her three sons. Because she didn’t dare hang the Christmas lights herself, Radford shelled out about $80,000 to work with Christmas Inc. to do her holiday decorating. And when you see their 10-bedroom mansion after the décor firm finished their job, you’ll revel in its beauty.

When rich parents want the best gifts for their children, they can work with luxury brand consultant Marcel Knobill. He helps parents find the most expensive items including a $30,000 coloring book and a $4,200 snow globe.

Knobill said, “The children of the wealthy have become extremely demanding and very discerning. They know what’s out there and what’s off the shelf often isn’t enough. I am asked to find all sorts of things – from a £4,000 toy car to handbags worth thousands.”

What do you think about these Christmas gifts? If you’re a bit envious, you’re not alone.

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